Archive May 2019


31. May 2019


Hund in Wayanad


Taken by Alona, 8 years, 2018. A dog’s life in Mothakkara/Kerala…

30. May 2019


dog in zanskar


Taken by Tsering Punchok, class 8 in 2015. Zanskar. „Hello Dog“

29. May 2019


flying monk


Taken by Passang Wongyal Subba, 12 years in 2015. In Sikkim monks can fly 😉

28. May 2019


children in the village Chandelao


Taken by Lila Sirohi, 13 years, in 2012. You always meet someone on the villageroad in Chandelao.

27. May 2019


girl in zanskar


Taken by Stanzin Putit, class 7 in 2015. Barbed wire doesn’t exist since long in Zanskar, but replaces quickly fences out of natural materials.

26. May 2019


Abi mit Perak


Taken by Dorjey Namgyal, class 6, 2015. The most valuable possession of the women in Zanskar and Ladakh is the perak. It is passed on from mother to daughter and just worn for special festivities.

25. Mai 2019


Flowers in Wayanad


Taken by Sakhin, 9 years. The vegetation in Wayanad/Kerala is much diversified. Even at most shady places with the  beautiful flowers are blooming.

24. May 2019


cloud and moon over zanskar


Taken by Kunga Tonyot, class 7, 2015. The sky above Zanskar.

23. May 2019


Frau mit Bor in Rajasthan


Taken by Lalaram Sen, 11 years, in 2012. In january/february the fruits of the bor-tree are ripe. Small cherry-like balls with a stone. Yummy!

22. Mai 2019

Fisch im See von Yuksom


Taken by Dawa Tashi Tamang, 12 years, 2015. In Yuksom is a holy lake, the small Kathok Lake. The fish enjoy happily their life.

21. May 2019


Kloster Stongde in Zanskar


Taken by Stanzin Palzom, class 7, in 2016. Monastery Stongde in Zanskar is built directly on the rim of a steep wall in 1052. Founder is the translator Marpa Lotsawa. 4 decades later it was given to the Gelugpa.

20. May 2019


Vegetation in Kerala


Taken by Abijeeth A.M., 12 years, 2018. A photo like a small poem from Kerala.

19. May 2019


Gartenarbeit Nonnen in Nyerma/Ladakh


Taken by the young nuns in Nyerma/Ladakh (14 years) in 2017. A garden with useful plants belongs to the nunnery with guesthouse. Before and after school the young nuns have to take care of it.

18. May 2019


Cats in Zanskar


Taken by Rinchen Choyom, class 8, 2015. Usually cats don’t grow old in Zanskar, becoming too easily the food of a wolf.

17. May 2019


Mehndi in Chandelao


Taken by Sunita Prajapat, 13 years, in 2012. Rajasthani girls and women lobe to draw a mehndi with henna on their hands.

16. May 2019


Boymonk in Dubdi/Sikkim


Taken by Phurba Tsering Bhutia, 13 years in 2015. On the pic is Nima Rinzing, the photographer of the Apicaday from 12. May 2019.

15. May 2019


Lady in Zanskar


Taken by Stanzin Yangdon, class 8, in 2015. Zanskaris, especially the ladies, love drinking buttertea and throughout the days, several cups will be enjoyed.

14. May 2019



Taken by Surender Parihar, 13 years, in 2012. People in the villages of Rajasthan share their home with quite some animals. 2 cats, 2 pair of shoes – and just 1 goat. That’s it what Surender needed for a great pic.

13. May 2019


Winter in Zanskar / Kamerakidz


Taken by Dechan Angmo in 2014/15. When everything is frozen in the winter in Zanskar, it is hard to get water and you have to use it very economical. Like when washing your hands, when you go somewhere special nicely dressed in the traditional goncha.

12. May 2019


Football in Sikkim / Kamerakidz


Taken by Nima Rinzing, 12 years, in 2016. Although playing football is really difficult at the steep slopes  with just small flat areas, it is the favourite game of the boymonks in Dubdi/Sikkim.

11. May 2019


Carrom Player Kerala Kamerakidz


Taken by Harshey, 10 years. In Mothakkarra, a small village in Wayanad/Kerala, the men love to play Carrom. There is a board in front of a shop in the opening hours. Usually you find men playing and others watching.

10. May 2019


Kamerakidz: Tsampa in Ladakh


Taken by the young nuns in Nyerma/Ladakh (14 years) in 2017 . After harvesting the barley, the corn needs to be roasted before grinding to have a good stock of Tsampa for the winter.

9. May 2019


Frau in Chandelao


Pista Sirohi, 14 years. Her mother sitting in the cooler house with the sunlights finding their way through small holes and dancing around her

8. May 2019




Jigmet Choskit, class 6, Landscape in Zanskar. The pastell colours of the landscape you can find everywhere in Zanskar and Ladakh.