We are a project with children in several places taking pictures of their daily lifes to give the audience an insight into India through their eyes.


The project was terminated in 2022. After 12 years, it’s time to move on to something new. But we will of course keep the website, it is and remains an interesting contemporary history. And we are also proud of our work anyway and hope that others will want to enjoy the pictures. Of course we still have books, postcards, exhibition material etc.. There will just be no new pictures from us and no new products like calendars. Proceeds will go to projects in the regions.


We invite you to delve into our rich visual material. There are countless treasures to discover in various portfolios, videos and the “A Pic A Day” category. In the meantime, the wheel of time has turned further, the children have grown up, the far corners of India have been conquered by the internet and smartphones. Some of the things you can see in the pictures are no longer there, others have survived. Have fun browsing!