Exhibition / Talks

We can show exhibitions on the respective areas or on cross-area themes. These can simply display the pictures or there can be an accompanying programme (quizzes, special teas, recipes, clothes to try on, animated games, etc.) – whatever suits the context of the exhibition. We also give lectures, either on the respective areas (Zanskar is gladly supported by Hildegard Kaminski, who has often taught at the school there), on photography with children, on the books – whatever suits the context best! Please contact us – and we will create something individual together. We already have experience – we will tell you about it further down on this page.


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Our exhibition-history

We had our first photo exhibition of the Zanskarkidz in Leh/Ladakh in summer 2012. It was very beautiful and successful. There was an article at Reach Ladakh, to read in English here.



Our second exhibition was in January 2013 in the Montessori-school in Peißenberg, south of Munich/Germany




We also had a small exhibition in the private gallery of Karl Hammer/Aidenried with the photos of the Chandelaokidz. These were presented together with a book presentation.



In December 2014 we had a joint exhibition of Kamerakidz Zanskar with the photo group of the Montessori School Peißenberg, which was founded after our first exhibition there. We also had some extras like a quiz, dressing like a Zanskari, butter tea tasting etc, The exhibition is called “Jullay Bayern! Grüß Gott Zanskar!” and we would be happy to show it elsewhere.




In November 2017, we were guests at the Lichtbildarena in Jena and gave a talk about the Zanskar children with their pictures as well as chatting with interested people at a stand and selling our things.



In the end of 2019 we had organised a photo-exhibition in Mothakkara/Kerala, or better said Kabani Tours and the school and their friends on location did everything – we paid from our donations the prints. When motivation is that high, that in India the people organise something themselves, we are filled with special pride. Here we have:




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