Mothakkara is a village in the district of Wayanad in the northeast of the state of Kerala. On approx. 1.000 m altitude in the winter there are pleasant temperatures. Here flourish the coffeefruits, pepper, rice, rubber-trees, coconut-palms, bananas and a lot of healing herbs used for ayurvedic medicine. The 2.000 inhabitants are hindu, christian and muslim. A big number belong to the different tribals of Adivasi, mostly Paniya and Kuricha.


The Banasura Peak looms over 2.000 m into the sky. In Mothakkara there is a querry with daily 60-70 trucks transporting the granite. In summer (starting in June) there is heavy monsoon, which supplies enough water. Unfortunately there are sometimes landslides, which can damage the harvest. The nearby Banasura Dam lake with swimming solar panels is a favoured destination for a trip same as some waterfalls close by.


The ladies are very active. Many have jobs, keep a library alive, play in a drummers band, have companies in the food production (there is for example a chocolate manufactury and a baby/childrenfoodcompany), guide foreigners through the village, are owners of homestays and work as teachers.


The tribals are getting support from gouvernment for example for building their houses and  water supply.