Chandelao is a rajasthani village 40 km from Jodhpur consisting of approx. 500 houses with 2.000 inhabitants. There is a gouvernment and a private school. The private school is called Prince Bal School. In class 8 there are 10 children – 7 boys and 3 girls. This was the photoclass for 3 weeks in February 2012. Actually only 5 live in Chandelao, the other 5 stay in Shivnagar, a smaller 50 houses village 3 km away. They are brought daily by a small van. Their english is very limited.
The school-situation in rajasthani-villages is very bad – usually the teachers are absent and are themselves not very educated. This private school is known to be already a better place for education and parents prefer to pay school fees (80 Rs per month for the younger ones up to 130 Rs. for the older ones) to have them at least learn a little more then in the other school. But unfortunatly the english of the teachers is limited, too, so therefore communication was a big challenge.



above: Ashok Tak, Sunita Prajapat, Devaram Prihar, Jassaram Oud, Lila Sirohi
below: Surender Prihar, Lalaram Sen, Pista Sirohi, Kojaram Oud, Laxman Jat