30. June 2019


girl making fun in Kerala


Taken by Abijeeth, 12 years in 2018. Girl in Mothakkara / Kerala.

29. June 2019


nuns in ladakh


Taken by the nuns in Nyerma/Ladakh, 14 years in 2016. Happiness between snowflakes.

28. June 2019


girls doing drama in Zanskar


Taken by Tsering Punchok, 14 years, in 2013/14. Especially during Losar the Zanskaris like to dress up and present a drama or dance funnily.

27. June 2019



Taken by Lila Sirohi, 13 Jahre in 2012 / Chandelao – Rajasthan. No words, neither 😉

26. Juni 2019


girls in Zanskar


Taken by Dechan Angmo, class 7 in 2015 / Zanskar. No words 😉

25. June 2019


boy in Rajasthan


Taken by Lila Sirohi, 13 years in 2012. In Rajasthan sometimes children are hanging in the trees and look happy.

24. June 2019


children in kerala


Taken by Jithukrishna, 8 years in 2018. Together standing on hands head over heels. A try in Wayanad/Kerala.

23. June 2019


children in zanskar


Taken by Stanzin Nantak, 13 years in 2012. For a short moment: being the other way round as your friends in Zanskar.

22. June 2019


boy in Sikkim


Taken by Pemba Gyaltsen Bhutia, 9 years in 2015. So many different perspectives in just one second! Boymonk in Dubdi/Sikkim.

21. June 2019


chilren in Rajasthan


Taken by Devaram Prihar, 15 years in 2012. Another method to see the world from another perspective in Chandelao/Rajasthan.

20. June 2019




Taken by Tsewang Norboo, class 7 in 2017. Sometimes it is good to change the perspective 😉

19. June 2019


monk in the forests of Sikkim


Taken by Bishnu Hang Subba, 14 years, in 2015. The red robes of the monks also add paint splashes to the landscape of Sikkim – although into spreading green vegetation instead of scraggy mountains as in Zanskar.

18. June 2019


women in Rajasthan


Taken by Ashok Tak, 13 years in 2012. The shining bright colours of the dresses of the ladies offer good paint splashs in the meagre desert-landscape in Rajasthan.

17. June 2019


heron in wayanad


Taken by Sakhin, 9 years in 2018. In the nearly jungle-like vegetation of Wayanad/Kerala one can spot quite some things – like a heron.

16. June 2019


monk in zanskar


Taken by Stanzin Jigmath, 14 years in 2013. The monastery in Karsha/Zanskar is located in incredible scraggy landscape with the monks maroon robes adding luminaire dots.

15. June 2019


monks in Karsha


Taken by Stanzin Jigmath, 14 years in 2013. In the Karsha-monastery in Zanskar there are many young monks, too, who like to run around playing.

14. June 2019


monks in Sikkim


Taken by Phurba Tshering Bhutia, 13 years in 2015. In the monchs-school in Dubdi/Sikkim the young monks create their own small family.

13. June 2019


Nuns in Nyerma


Taken by the young nuns in Nyerma, 14 years, 2017. The nunnery in Nyerma/Ladakh is home mainly for old aged nuns. But the young ones start to make themselves at home, too.

12. June 2019


Nun in Zanskar


Taken by Stanzin Stopchen, 14 years n 2012. In Zanskar there are some nunneries. Dorjee Zong is located above the village Rijing. 15-20 nuns are living there.

11. June 2019


Woman in Rajasthan


Taken by Jassaram Oud, 13 years in 2012. Also in Rajasthan the women have to carry a lot – like the daily water from the source to their homes.

10. June 2019


woman in zanskar


Taken by Rinchan Dolkar, class 8 in 2014. During harvest in Zanskar especially the woman carry countless of these bunches home.

9. June 2019


Man in Mothakkata/Kerala


Taken by Jithukrishna, 8 years in 2018. “Just” a portrait 😉

8. June 2019


Abi-le in Zanskar


Taken by Dawa Angmo, 13 years in 2010. In Zanskar you can see very often old people turning their hand-prayer-mill.

7. June 2019


Portrait in Chandelao/Rajasthan


Taken by Sunita Prajapat, 13 years in 2012. Even if the winter is not getting superhot in Rajasthan, a place in the shaddow during daytime is nice to have.

6. June 2019


old man in Zanskar


Taken by Stanzin Yangdon, class 7 in 2015. Even if the winter is really cold in Zanskar, one can find a protected spot to sit in the sun.

5. June 2019


dog in Chandelao


Taken by Kojaram Oud, 15 years in 2012. One more dog in Chandelao/Rajasthan.

4. June 2019


dogs and cow in Rajasthan


Taken by Jassaram Oud, 13 years, 2012. Usually there are several animals belonging to a village-household in Rajasthan. Cows and dogs are very common.

3. June 2019


Dog in Nyerma


Taken by the nuns, 13 years, in 2016. The nunnery in Nyerma/Ladakh isn’t only the home of nuns, but of a dog, too.

2. June 2019


Dogs in Sikkim


Taken by Bishnu Hang Subba, 14 years in 2015. In Sikkim there are not as many dogs as in other parts of India. Out of the Kamerakidz-time this is the only photo with dogs.

l. June 2019


Hund in Zanskar


Taken by Stanzin Lakpa, class 7 in 2016. Nearly all households in Zanskar have a watch-dog.