The idea of a photo a day exists in many varieties. Usually it is about one photo taken each day. We change this a little and upload each day a photo, taken by a Kamerakid in the past. Our pool includes so many more great pics than the ones in our calenders, portfolios, postcards etc. And so we think it a good possibility to give some more photos an audience. Each new photo will be added on the top. When a month is full, it will get into an archive, in which one can look around. So sometime we might have a huge web-gallery.


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17. September 2019


feeding goats in Chandelao/Rajasthan


Aufgenommen von Surender Parihar, 13 Jahre in 2012. Eine Mahlzeit für die Ziegen in Chandelao/Rajasthan

16. September 2019


boy eating in Rajasthan


Taken by Lalaram Sen, 11 years in 2012. A special place for eating in Chandelao/Rajasthan

15. September 2019


having food in Zanskar


Taken by Stanzin Dorjay, 13 years in 2015. Teatime in Zanskar

14. September 2019


having food in Sikkim


Taken by Yushalla Bhutia, 11 years in 2015. Eating time in the monk’s school in Dubdi / Sikkim.

13. September 2019


food at a marriage in zanskar


Taken by Rinchen Choyom, 15 years in 2015. Food at a marriage in Zanskar. Every dish has to be white.

12. September 2019


cooking in Zanskar


Taken by Stanzin Chosnit, 14 years in 2013. Cooking in big pots for a bigger festivity in Zanskar

11. September 2019


woman cooking in Rajasthan


Taken by Surender Parihar, 13 years in 2012. Fire-controlling during cooking in Chandelao/Rajasthan

10. September 2019


woman cooking in rajasthan


Taken by Lalaram Sen, 11 years in 2012. The dry twigs in Rajasthan burn easily.

9. September 2019


boy blowing into the fire in Sikkim


Taken by Pemba Tendup Lepcha, 12 years in 2015. The fire for cooking has to be fed with air to continue burning – in Sikkim.

8. September 2019


dough-kneeling in Zanskar


Taken by Rinchen Dolkar, 14 years in 2014. Woman kneeling dough in Zanskar.

7. September 2019


man cooking in rajasthan


Taken by Lalaram Sen, 11 years in 2012. Man cooking in Chandelao/Rajasthan

6. September 2019


woman cooking in Zanskar


Taken by Tsering Punchok, 14 years in 2014. Cooking-preparations in Zanskar

5. September 2019


nuns sorting out peas in ladakh


Taken by the young nuns in Ladakh, 2016. Sorting the dried peas in the nunnery in Nyerma in Ladakh

4. September 2019


women in Chandelao/Rajasthan


Taken by Sunita Prajapat, 13 years in 2012. Teabreak in Chandelao/Rajasthan.

3. September 2019


women in Kerala


Taken by Sakhin, 9 years in 2019. Women in Kerala take a break during their work together.

2. September 2019


women in Zanskar


Taken by Stanzin Kunsal, 17 years in 2013. Mother and grandmother in Zanskar enjoy something warm.

1. September 2019


women in Rajasthan


Taken by Jassaram Oud, 13 years in 2012. Women in a courtyard in Chandelao/Rajasthan

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