Kamerakidz is a project which enables children in India to take photos of their daily life and to share these with the “rest of the world” to add their view to the vast area of publications of mostly foreign and adult photographers. We started in August 2011 in Zanskar, a remote area in the Indian Himalayas. Our second place was Chandelao, a small village in Rajasthan, close to Jodhpur.

Nana Ziesche



Founder, head and responsible person is Nana Ziesche, a German photographer and travel agent, who has a graduate degree in education. She travels yearly to India since 1992.


Taking photos means having a closer look at ones own society with its uniqueness. Publishing and generating an income means becoming independend from donations and rising self-confidence.


Myriam Pechan


In 2014 we had the big luck of being joined by a volunteer, Myriam Pechan, who took over a class in Chiraigaon, a village not far from Varanasi. Myriam is from Germany too, and finished her studies of Science of Arts and Media. She worked independently with the children.

The Kidz


The most important ones in this project are for sure the children – you will meet them on the other pages.