In the future, we want to finance ourselves with the selling of our products. Just now we’re doing not that bad, but still can need everything! We are not an incorporated society, as this is in our case, (dealing with Europe and India and selling products) not so easy and my tax accountant advised me to deal with this as ordinary business under my name and tax-number. So I did.


Money is needed for things like batteries, memory cards, prints for the children and their models, other photographic equipments, repairings, trips, exhibition-prints and whatever. Unfortunatly we can’t give a donation receipt.


Cameras (small digital ones are the best, with a viewfinder optimum), other photographic equipments, photo-magazines (also like Geo or National Geographic) and anything else one can use for teaching and taking photographs.


Nana Ziesche . Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Rosenheim-Chiemsee . IBAN DE94 7116 0000 0001 787 624 . BIC GENODEF1VRR


Nana Ziesche . Innerlohener Str. 8 . 83324 Ruhpolding. Germany


Thanks a lot!